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License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing

License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing

Forest Worker


License required in 1 states
93rd most burdensome licensing requirements
102nd most heavily regulated occupation

(Last updated April 24, 2012)


Forest and conservation workers perform manual labor necessary to develop, maintain or protect forests, forested areas and woodlands through such activities as raising and transporting tree seedlings; combating insects, pests and diseases harmful to trees; and building erosion and water control structures and leaching of forest soil. They include forester aides, seedling pullers and tree planters.


One state requires a license to work as a forest worker. Connecticut requires a $103 application fee and one exam with a fee of $26. These requirements rank as the 93rd most burdensome of the 102 occupations.

(Last updated April 30, 2012)

State Licensing Requirements

Burden RankStateFeesEducation/Experience (Days)ExamsMinimum GradeMinimum Age
1 Connecticut $129 0 1 0 0

(Last updated April 24, 2012)

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